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The philosophers of the Western World have believed, since the days of Plato and Descartes, that we are what we think.

Christians in the West have been influenced by this philosophy and, as a result, most of the preaching and curricula of the West has been aimed at the mind. We have believed that if we can just present the correct information about God and the Bible, the people in our churches will be adequately discipled. It is unfortunate, but Christian leaders of the West are just now coming to the conclusion that, with the proliferation of all the materials produced over the years, the people in our churches are, in fact, not showing evidence of being disciples of Jesus.

Information alone has no power to change lives.

It is only recently that Western philosophers have questioned the conclusions of Plato and Descartes. They now believe that we are “desiring” creatures before we are “thinking” creatures. Long before the musings of these philosophers, Jesus said that it was out of the “abundance of the heart” that we speak and live out our lives. It seems our task is to minister to the hearts of the people, and not just their minds, if we expect to see a change in their lives.

Over the 8 hours of instruction in this course of study, we will be examining the condition of our own hearts and asking the Holy Spirit how we can best engage the hearts of the people to whom He has sent us, so see them exhibit the life of Jesus in their daily lives.

The above information is subjected to change.